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uniGUI is a Web Application Framework for DelphiC++ Builder development is also supported for RAD Studio owners. uniGUI features a rich set of visual controls for developing stateful Web applications. Development process which is very similar to developing regular VCL applications. uniGUI Web applications can easily be run and debugged directly in Delphi IDE which makes development process very easy and straightforward. uniGUI  extends Web application development experience to a new dimension. In this new dimension productivity is the primary goal. uniGUI allows developer to focus on application business logic rather than working on web application development details such as working directly with HTML, JavaScript, XML Templates, and other web technologies. uniGUI will save many valuable development hours which in turn helps to considerably reduce project development, deployment and support costs. This makes uniGUI a perfect tool for small development teams which have a limited resources to spend on development details. uniGUI is also perfect for large teams who need to deliver enterprise scale projects in a limited time scale.

 Deployment is another serious step in Web application development process. With uniGUI deployment is very easy and straightforward. Developers can choose one of the available options for deployment; Such as, Windows ServiceStandalone Server or ISAPI Module. ISAPI modules can be deployed using Microsoft IISApache Web Server for Windows or any other compatible ISAPI enabled Web server.

 uniGUI uses Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch libraries for client side rendering. These libraries are considered as one of the industries leading frameworks to create RIA applications. uniGUI combines powers of Ext JS with RAD capabilities of Delphi which probably is the fastest way of creating a RIA applications in Delphi. uniGUI encapsulates Ext JS classes inside a special set of Delphi controls which enables developers to create feature rich web applications without a need to learn client side scripting and working on UI details on client side, so valuable development time can be spent on business logic rather than working on repetitive UI design details which can be  time consuming and technically demanding tasks.uniGUI application in Delphi 10 Seatle IDE

uniGUI application in Delphi 10 Seatle IDEWeb Application running inside a browser

Web Application running inside a browser

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